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With so many years of experience in the Used IT Asset management services, we can be able to make the proper combination of 3R’s, i.e. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.


Reuse is the one of the viable option in the recycling services, which can be used in various ways like Donation to the Schools, NGO’s, providing parts to service centers/service providers, reselling of products, etc. As per our capabilities & market requirement we can sort the used IT products and try to reuse it, which will help to save the environment.


To make our planet greener we need to reduce the use of IT asset, refurbishment of IT products, implementing power saving options, making our office E-Office, and providing old working parts to the non-working computers to make them working. This will help in reduction of E-waste.


This is the last option to be utilize if the IT asset is not working to the original manufacturing products. Recycling of IT Asset can be done by disassembly, segregation of IT products & reclaim various base metals & hazardous material for subsequent recycling process.

Disassembly of IT asset begins with removal of hazardous material bearing different parts like CRT’s with leaded glass, mercury containing bulb from laptops, LCD’s, Scanner, Copiers, Fax Machines, ink cartridge from printers, separation of PCB, ferrous metals etc. from all electronic equipment and so on.


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