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The scope of services to effectively deal with customer’s demand of disposing of retiring IT assets can vary depending on many factors from logistics to recycling services. As per the customer demand we can render the services by following the norms of environmental laws.

As per the norms E-waste needs to handle carefully as it contains hazardous waste.

Looking towards the same and according to the environmental laws we render our services as below,

  1. Logistics Services.
  2. Data Security.
  3. Recycling Services.
  4. Customer Satisfaction

Logistics Services:

Proper arrangements of assets and transportation of them not only secures a chain of custody of assets but also protect the value of them which is an important beginning of full spectrum of disposition process. Green IT Recycling Center Pvt. Ltd, will help transportation needs with contracted carriers by most effective and efficient transportation solutions. This transportation will be made in Packed Container Body Vehicles. This will be handled as per the WEEE guidelines by which the E-waste will be safeguarded.

Data Security:

Green IT Recycling Center Pvt. Ltd, guarantees that data from the systems will be destroyed electronically before remarketing or physically as per the customer need. As per our expertise from so many years we can destroy the data electronically by Low Level Formatting, MHDD tools, by DOD standards. If the electronic destruction fails to perform due to bad sectors in the HDD, non-detection of Hdd, etc., it will be physically destroy.Maintaining records of electronically & physically destruction separately in our asset management systems, which can be share to customer.

Recycling Services:

Recycling Services vary from product to product, functioning of the IT products, market acceptance regardless it may be of low or high value. Green IT Recycling Center Pvt. Ltd, expertise is in this services. With so many years of experience in the Used IT Asset management services, we can be able to make the proper combination of 3R’s, i.e. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Customer Satisfaction:

The Customer will be provided, or allow review of, verifiable records of:

  1. Hazardous e-Waste going for Recycling or Final Disposal, including Hazardous e-Waste generated by Repair/Refurbishment operations. Records shall include current contact information for Downstream Processor(s) through Final Disposition, and
  2. Equipment and components going for reuse, up to the point of completing requirements for reuse. Records shall include dated sales orders or invoice numbers, but do not need to include names of buyers.

If the customer require extensive detailed documentation, provision of such information may be contractually negotiated and controlled.